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Due to the recent high interests in native plants and nature-based landscaping, I am fully booked for , I have a wait list now forPlease also check the service map below. Thank you for your patience. Call denise goodnaturedlandscapes. All Portfolio. Naperville Project Wildlife Habitat, Stormwater management, recycled materials, curb appeal.

  • Chicago-area landscape architects and contractors.
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  • Designers and Builders of Fine Landscapes Since 1959
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Chicago-area landscape architects and contractors.

A sustainable landscape differs from a traditional landscape in that it provides a benefit to the environment as well as requires less maintenance, little to no fertilizers or chemical inputs and it retains a more natural look.

It uses natural elements to create a healthy habitat for wildlife and provides stormwater management using green infrastructure. Sustainable landscapes are rain gardens, bioswales and native plant gardens as well as entire landscapes designed to be in harmony with the environment.

Good Ecology Is Beautiful: When designed and managed properly sustainable landscape are every bit as beautiful as traditional landscape. The added benefit is that they work with the natural systems not against them. The sustainable landscape process begins as a design consultation with a professional landscape architect and ends with an installation by trained crew members.

Proper design is the foundation of any element of a sustainable landscape. We also offer our services to surrounding states like Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Give us a call at to transform your property into a sustainable landscape. Sustainable landscapes reduce pollution, restore wildlife habitats and ecosystems, provide clean air and water, and bring about other significant environmental benefits.

Many points in the LEED and Sustainable Sites Initiative can be garnered with well-designed and executed sustainable landscapes and natural areas restoration. In doing this, we maintain natural growth while reducing harmful environmental effects. By incorporating green infrastructure into sustainable landscape designs, we create long-term ecological solutions using natural elements and infrastructure that mimic natural processes. This process happens in these three stages:.

Our system is successful because our field staff receives feedback from landscape architects, ecological consultants, and design professionals who consult to develop a blueprint as well as provide construction management.

We look to be part of the collaborative design process that may include the owner, manager, architect, civil engineer, and regulators. The more open communication is between the parties the better the outcome.

We have created an internal system of feedback between our landscape architects and field staff that aids in the success of our projects. The feedback we receive helps us construct landscapes that are as functional as they are beautiful. Sustainable landscapes can have the same look and feel as traditional landscapes, but they function as a habitat and provide natural stormwater management.

Our landscape design professionals consult with knowledgeable ecologists to successfully create these natural processes. During the design consultation, we will discuss locally grown and sourced native plants that you can include in your landscape design as well as green infrastructure ideas.

Green infrastructure absorbs and filters runoff from parking lots and roofs, improves water quality, and creates beautiful and functional spaces. Green infrastructure simply means building with nature to improve water quality and create functional spaces such as rain gardens and bioswales.

It seeks to allow stormwater to be acted upon by sustainable landscapes. This allows the stormwater to be absorbed by the plants, nutrients degraded by the soil flora and fauna as well as some to infiltrate the ground. The more water treated in a sustainable landscape the less flooding downstream. Green infrastructure is the opposite of grey infrastructure.

Grey infrastructure is guiding all the stormwater into grey concrete pipes that are designed to move the water offsite as fast as possible.

We aim to improve the appeal of your property while implementing as many sustainable solutions as possible. During the installation process, we carefully inspect the plants and implement construction management that oversees the proper installation of green infrastructure.

For over 30 years, our company has specialized in transforming traditional landscapes into sustainable ones. We understand that the outward appearance of your property has a direct impact on your curb appeal and we are passionate about restoring natural processes in the most visually appealing way possible.

We also serve surrounding states like Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa. If your property is located nearby, contact us at to schedule a consultation today! CallWhat is a Sustainable Landscape? Request an Estimate. Project Size? What service are you interested in? Error Submitting Form:. Questions About Our Services?

Landscape Design + Installation

Situated distant from other cities of influence, Chicago has been a strong center of architectural development since its rise from the ashes of the devastating fire. Between the European-inspired urban works of the Beaux-Arts and the nativist residential emanations of the Prairie School lie the day-to-day commercial and residential activities of the city. These are represented in substantial detail in these archival collections, giving a nuanced view of the urban construct and all its participants. This material logically falls into two groupings, covering the periods about — and —

environmental solutions, sustainable landscaping practices, and garden artistry. Serving Illinois' far Western Suburbs: Du Page, parts of Kane.

Landscape Design

Closed for the season beginning December 18th. January — March: Open by Appointment Only. The State of Illinois has mandated the use of face masks while indoors. Open by appointment only January — March. Please call ahead. Ask for details. We are social! We not only can supply your hardscape needs, but help you choose a Contractor or a Landscaper! We will be closed on Monday, September 6,

Landscape Services in greater Chicago, IL

Hursthouse designs, builds, and maintains outdoor living spaces for discerning clients all over Chicago. Professional landscapes are more than lawns and decks — they are the backdrop for some of our most important stories. How will yours unfold? Looking for a new bench or water feature? We can help find the perfect detail for your landscape.

Anne Roberts Gardens provides superior urban landscape design, build, and maintenance services for commercial and residential clients.

Landscaping Ideas, Chicago, IL

See Our Services Read More. See our Gallery Read More. CMS Landscapes Inc. Beautiful spaces are designed for longevity with a passion to create products that reflect our main priority Indoors Out!

Fireplaces & Fire pits

Before starting Foliage Design Systems, Gallt worked for 10 years as the chief landscape architect and construction manager of Church Landscape, building landscapes in Oak Brook and Schaumburg, Illinois, and for the Chicago Botanic Gardens. As general manager for the past 20 years she is involved in all aspects of the office and paperwork. Fortunately her years of past experience in the horticultural industry both in Florida and in Buffalo New York, gives her expertise her client come to trust. Tim Papciak: Oversees all field operation. As an Eagle Scout his expertise in all aspects of carpentry, electrical plumbing, mechanical and structural are invaluable in building quality landscapes.

We service select clients in the greater Chicago area · Our professional landscapers create amazing projects such as landscape design, construction, paving and.

Designers and Builders of Fine Landscapes Since 1959

A well-kept yard does not only improve the curb appeal of your property but also boosts its market value. You may have landscaping ideas in Chicago, IL. However, if you are uncertain about how to execute your dream project, it is best to seek help from the experts.

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After all, the number of landscape design and build companies in the Greater Chicago area is vast. You might be wondering how to compare all of your options and how to choose the best one for your needs. We understand that. The last thing you want to do is research many businesses and then be dissatisfied with your decision or the results. No one wants to waste time or money when trying to create a custom space they can enjoy for years to come in their yards. Take a look at our list of some of the best landscaping companies in the Suburban Chicago area.

Call Us NowLandscape Architectural planning, building and development of extraordinary outdoor living spaces.

Contact us today to learn how you can beautify your property with professional landscaping and maintenance services. Our hardscape experts will exceed your expectations, whether you are looking for a retaining wall, a walkway, or a new patio. Call today for a free consultation! We take pride in providing our customers the highest quality materials available. Visit our acre nursery to see some of our beautiful flowers, plants, shrubs and trees. Landscape maintenance is not a luxury.

Tentinger Landscapes is a provider of outdoor landscape experiences that integrate in harmonious ways with the commercial, residential and municipal built environments they surround. The design process is when your relationship with us begins. We will do everything in our power to earn your business and referrals. When things go good, its easy to provide good service, when things get challenging or unforeseen issues arise, you want to know the landscaper you hired has the experience and knowledge to find the right solutions , while still providing great customer service!

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