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Quality edge landscape and design with Dura-Grind® products

Our patented Dura-Grind® technology, available for any hard material product or surface treatment, allows for a consistent, high-quality, durable surface finish that is not impacted by environmental conditions and won't chip, crack, or peel. The Dura-Grind® technology provides a strong, long-lasting surface finish that won't crack, chip, or peel regardless of climatic conditions.

Dura-Grind® provides:

More wear resistance than traditional paints and topcoats

Durable, long-lasting, chip-free, durable finish

High-quality construction, will not crack or chip in hard environmental conditions

Dura-Grind® is available as a spray-on system for any hard surface or surface treatment, making installation easy and fast.

We have a wide range of Dura-Grind® products to provide the highest quality of long-lasting and durable paint that will perform well in even the harshest of conditions. Call us today or visit our product pages to learn more.

How Dura-Grind® compares to other surface treatments

How Dura-Grind® compares to other surface treatments.

The science of paint performance.

Paint performance does not depend on the chemical composition of the paint alone. A lot goes into paint performance that is often not captured in the lab. To be truly effective, paint must be:

Puncture resistant.

Resistant to the elements.

Easy to clean.

Worn by water, wind, salt air, and other environmental stresses.

Dura-Grind® does all of the above, as well as many others, which makes Dura-Grind® a highly effective product. In addition, Dura-Grind® offers high-quality, chip-free performance.

Paint performance is very complex. It involves physical, chemical, and optical properties. A paint that is "hard" is actually brittle.

The same goes for "sticky." To achieve a low friction coefficient, a paint must have small surface texture and no hard particles.

Paint performance is a trade-off. You can have high paint performance or low cost, but not both.

Most coatings will not perform well in severe corrosive environments, yet many surface treatment products cannot offer this performance. Dura-Grind® offers superior performance in all types of conditions, whether it's salt air, marine environments, or severe industrial environments.

Dura-Grind® is an alternative to sand blasting, which not only removes existing paint, but can also leave behind harmful and unsafe materials.

It offers many advantages over conventional methods like sand blasting, which include:

Very high cost per square foot

Disposal issues

Excess material left behind

Residue in areas other than the workpiece

Sand blasting is expensive to run. Often it doesn't make economic sense, and if it does, it can create a messy, unpleasant job site.

Dura-Grind® is easy to apply and remove, requires a minimal amount of operator time, and creates a clean job site. It can be run in either manual or automatic mode and creates a virtually contamination-free surface.

Dura-Grind® is the next generation solution in surface preparation. Let's look at some reasons to use Dura-Grind® as your next surface preparation.

In this video you'll learn about the Dura-Grind® Process and it's many benefits:

Dura-Grind® is very versatile and can be used to:

Rid of all material, and re-shape any surface,

Cure and prime any surface, and

Resurface any surface with an existing coating.

Dura-Grind® has the ability to remove surface contaminants without any other material being added, making it safe to use in any environment.

Dura-Grind® can be used to prepare surfaces in a number of ways to improve performance:

Pre-treatment prior to electroplating.

Improve adhesion of coating systems.

Clean, re-shape, re-coat any surface.

Remove all surfaces prior to coating.

Reduce defects during the finishing process.

Cure the surface and ensure no voids, pore, or corrosion develop.

Dura-Grind® is especially useful in the following applications:

Surface preparation for the following coatings:

Epoxy (epoxy resin)



Acetylation based paints

Eliminate all contaminates prior to coating

Pre-treatment prior to galvanizing

Dura-Grind® is not recommended for:

Pre-treatment of non-porous surfaces

Pre-treatment of concrete

Pre-treatment of painted surfaces

All pre-treatment should be performed with chemicals designed for this specific purpose.

Dura-Grind® is especially beneficial when removing surface contamination on:

Non-coated ferrous and galvanized surfaces

Mild steel and stainless steel

Low-carbon steel

Cast iron

Pre-treatment removes the oxide film and prepares the surface for coating. When surfaces are properly prepared the coating system performs better and the surface is smoother and more uniform.

Pre-treatment can also help to improve the chemical bond in the following situations:

Improving adhesion in coating systems.

Improving the chemical resistance of coatings.

Reduce defects during the finishing process.

Dura-Grind® will not affect the coating or cause any other issues with the coating system.

Dura-Grind® has a minimum cleaning concentration of 3% available in 60-gallon drums.

When using Dura-Grind®, always keep it out of reach of children.

How do I choose the right Dura-Grind® product for my needs?

Before you buy a product you should do your homework. Dura-Grind® products are sold by volume rather than price. Each type of material, even if the material costs the same, will have different cleaning characteristics, so you need to determine which material you want to use for your specific surface.

Do you need something that is easy to apply?

Some of the most convenient products can be extremely difficult to apply. We suggest that you test a sample of each product on a small area of your project before applying it.

What is the cleaning process for the Dura-Grind® product?

The process will depend on the material you choose. Some materials need to be cleaned for longer periods of time. Other products can be applied with just a rinse. We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding Dura-Grind® products. If you need

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